Where do I access Velox ? 
Velox is currently available at select stations across 13 states of the country (Benue, Cross River, Delta, Enugu, FCT, Imo, Kaduna, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers) More sites are expected to go live soon.

How Velox works ?
Velox uses a unique identifier UID such as a card/App/RFID chip PIN to identify the registered vehicle and user. Once the vehicle approaches the station, the driver should request for Velox from any of our Customer Advisors (CA). The CA will request for and tag/scan the UID to identify the vehicle, using the POS handheld. The CA will also verify the car’s identity by checking the license plate and confirming the Odometer before dispensing the requested or programmed volume which is then debited to your Velox account.

Why do I need to provide Odometer and license reg. ?
Odometer detail is needed to present you with a more robust and informative dashboard. License plate verification is a second
level check to protect you from unauthorized transactions.

What happens when my tank fills up before the requested volume is fully dispensed ?
If you ordered 50 litres and 45 litres filled your tank, Velox will automatically return the value of 5 litres back to your account so you don’t have to pay more than you consume at any point.

How do I pay or load my card ?
To credit your account, log on to velox.enyoretail.com. Click on the Wallet menu item and securely pay with your card online. You can also credit the ENYO bank account communicated to you by our team and send the payment evidence to velox@enyoretail com. You will get an email notification upon completion of any transaction.

How do I check my balance ?
Your balance is accessible from your profile/dashboard

How do I register ?
Just log on to veloxonboard.enyoretail.com and fill out the registration form. Once submitted, a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to guide you through the onboarding process.

What products can I buy with Velox ?
Velox can be used to pay for your vehicle’s fuel ( Diesel) based on the permissions you have set Payment for other products such as lubricants, cooking gas, Diesel 2 Door and services like Vehicon and Reelax will be activated soon.

Is credit available on Velox?
Velox is a cash only product

velox card

How do I load my cards and assign the relevant limits to each ?
Just log on to your profile, load as much cash as you would like onto your backend and allocate to your card(s).

Can I earn EnyoThankU points on my Velox purchases ?
Yes. ETU points can also be accumulated on volumes bought on Velox. Driver or company representative would be required to register on the forecourt using their phone numbers. Fleet managers are required to authorize which phone numbers are to be used for the purpose of points accumulation and advise their drivers appropriately. Earned points will be credited to the designated phone numbers and redeemed under the standard terms and conditions of ETU.

What happens after my registration ?
You will receive a welcome pack that contains the “How To” of Velox. Your card will be processed under 4 working days and delivered to you. You will then receive log in details for your secure profile and dashboard.


Do I pay to subscribe to or use Velox ?
Velox is subscription free. However, there is a N1,500 processing fee per card. You are expected to pay this amount into a designated ERS account before the cards are produced. Please email your payment evidence to velox@enyoretail com.

How many cards do I need to process for my fleet ?
Each vehicle needs one card The license plate number of the vehicle is its unique identifier on the system and at the station our Customer Advisors will check to ensure that they only dispense fuel into the designated vehicle only.

What do I do If a card is lost / stolen / missing ?
No need to worry Just log onto your profile and disable the card or call your account manager immediately or email us on

Can I buy fuel using Velox without registering a vehicle ?
Not for now. However, we are working on a One Time Password (OTP) that would enable admin people generate codes remotely and share with their spot (one time) drivers.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Payment Issues
Imisi Bolarinwa
Phone: 0909 321 6817

Other Issues
Joseph Onni
Phone: 0906 283 2251


Email: velox@enyoretail.com