Frequently Asked Questions

What is Velox ? 
Velox is ENYO Retail & Supply’s fleet management solution designed to bring ease, transparency and control to fleet managers and vehicle owners. It is a wallet-based payment solution accessible through a dedicated card or sticker for the purchase of fuel products across Enyo Retail forecourts.

Is Velox as Safe and Secure as I hear ? 
Yes. Velox is secured with data encryption technology to protect your information and cash from unauthorized access. This is in addition to your PIN, as an extra layer of protection.

Also, the Velox system on our forecourt allows automatic communication between your account, your card, the Velox POS as well as the dispensing pump for very minimal human intervention in the fueling process. This reduces possibility of human error and theft.

I hear Velox is Convenient. Tell me How ?
Velox enables you onboard yourself without any help due to the simple and easy to use online interface. Once you log on to velox.enyoretail.com, you can onboard yourself and register multiple vehicles, load your wallet, and select which station to pick up your card. You also have access to your own dashboard to check your transaction history among many other features.

Do I have Control of My Account When I register ?
Yes, you do. Velox gives you control over your account, allowing you to set transaction limits, product type, one-time authorizations (OTA), PIN change as frequently as necessary, etc. With Velox, you can send your driver to purchase fuel using an OTA and be sure of the exact volume that has been dispenses.

How Does Velox work ?
Velox uses a unique identifier UID such as a card/App/RFID chip PIN to identify the registered vehicle and user. Once the vehicle approaches the station, the driver presents the Velox card to the Customer Advisor (CA). The CA will scan the card using the POS machine to identify the user and vehicle. The CA also confirms the Odometer reading before dispensing the requested or programmed volume which is then debited to your Velox wallet. You will be required to input your PIN before fuel is dispensed.

How Do I Register for Velox ?
Just log on to velox.enyoretail.com and fill out the registration form (Bio Data, Vehicle Data and Payment Details), load a minimum of N1,000 into your wallet, then select the nearest ENYO Service Station from where you would like to pick up your card and submit. Your card will be ready for pick up within 24 hours.

What Happens After My Registration ?
Once you arrive at the station, ask to see the Outlet Manager, and show him the email that was sent to you and the Outlet Manager will issue you with a card and a welcome pack immediately. You will also get an email containing your PIN and additional resources to educate you on Velox features as well as links to your personalized dashboard. Please make sure you change your PIN from your dashboard as soon as you log in.

How Much Does the Velox Card/Sticker Cost ?
Each Velox card/sticker costs N1,500 only. It is a one-off fee that opens you up to a world of possibilities, convenience, and control. 

Can I Use One Card for Multiple Vehicles ?
For now, you will only be able to use one card per vehicle. Each card is programed with the details of one vehicle to avoid unauthorized/unregistered vehicles from buying products with the card.

Can I Register Multiple Vehicles on a Single Account ?
Yes. You can register multiple vehicles under a single profile. However, each vehicle will be mapped to a single card to prevent unauthorized fueling.

Can I Buy Fuel If I forget My Card at Home ?
Unfortunately, you will be unable to access fuel or any other service without the card or sticker. This is a control feature to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

How Do I Pay or Load My Card ?
Unfortunately, you will be unable to access fuel or any other service without the card or sticker. This is a control feature to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

velox card

Can I Load Multiple Cards from My Profile ?
Yes. You can load your other accounts from the profile from which you registered them.

How Do I Check My Balance ?
Your balance is accessible from your profile/dashboard. Just log on to velox.enyoretail.com using the details provided to you to check your balance on the go.


What Products Can I Buy with Velox ?
Velox can be used to pay for your vehicles’ fuel (Petrol and Diesel) based on the permissions you have set on your dashboard. Payment for other products such as lubricants, cooking gas, Diesel2Door and services like Vehicon and Reelax will be activated soon.

Can I Buy Fuel into My Container Using Velox ?
No. Our Customer Advisors will not dispense into a container aside from the vehicles’ tank. This is one of our control features to protect you from unauthorized access to your account.

Do I get a Receipt for My Velox Transactions ?
Yes. A receipt is sent to your email automatically for your records. You can also access your transaction history from your dashboard.

Is there an App for Velox ?
Not yet. But be rest assured that our team is working on launching an App for Velox in the nearest future. You will be advised once this happens.

Where Do I Use My Velox Card ?
Velox is currently available at select stations across 13 states of the country (Lagos, FCT, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Kaduna, Niger).

When Will Velox Go-Live in My City ?
If your city is not on the list above, not to worry. We are rapidly expanding our footprint to all Enyo stations country wide. We will be in your city before end of 2020.

Why Do I Need to Provide Odometer and License Reg. ?
Odometer detail is needed to present you with a more robust and informative dashboard including your fuel consumption per km. License plate verification is a second level check to protect you from unauthorized transactions.

What Happens If/When My Tank Fills Up Before the Requested Volume is Fully Dispensed ?
If you ordered 50 litres and 45 litres filled your tank, Velox will automatically return the value of 5 litres back to your account, so you don’t have to pay more than you consume at any point.

Is Credit Available on Velox ?
No, not for now. Velox is a cash only product.

Can I Earn EnyoThankU (ETU) Points on My Velox Purchases ?
Yes. ETU points can be accumulated when you buy PMS or AGO on Velox. Your ETU points will be credited to your registered phone number.

Do I Pay to Subscribe to Or Use Velox ?
No, Velox is subscription-free. However, there is a one-time N1,500 processing fee per card. Remember, each card is mapped to only one vehicle.

What Do I Do If a Card Is Lost/Stolen/Missing ?
No need to worry, just log onto your profile and disable the card or call us on the number provided immediately or email velox@enyoretail.com.

Can I buy fuel using Velox without registering a vehicle ?
Not for now. However, we are working on a One Time Password (OTP) feature that would enable account owners generate and share OTPs as they please. This feature is expected to go live within the year.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Payment Issues
Imisi Bolarinwa
Phone: 0909 321 6817

Other Issues
Joseph Onni
Phone: 0906 283 2251


Email: velox@enyoretail.com