Our Initiatives


Human capital development is an important part of our culture. Our key focus is on developing talent that consistently complement each other to build a values-based culture by building skills, capabilities and competencies.


Through our MechTech (Mechanic and Technicians Academy) initiative, over 5000 auto-mechanics across the country will be equipped with the technical expertise required to correctly diagnose and repair the most technologically advanced automobiles.

Leveraging in-depth training by seasoned professionals in the auto-industry, we seek to upgrade local technical competencies to international standard.


Through our learning and development academic programme (LeADA) we will be impacting over 5000 lives with first hand downstream industry know-how using coordinated set of teaching and learning methods to develop applicable and dynamic skill sets required for optimal performance on and off forecourts.

open ideas


Enyo Open Ideas Competition (EOIC) is an innovative contest intended to create new service and products spaces leveraging both our ideas and the ideas of young professionals with the hope of achieving more respectful, user friendly, and functional retail spaces for our customers.


The Enyo brand is a well-respected brand and is our most valuable asset so it’s crucial that we both protect it and build it. GENERAL STATRO DAY (GSD) is a day in which all ENYO HQ employees are on the field to measure brand relevance. This will be achieved via a brand relevance checklist and a short survey.

general statro day
commemorative uniform


This Ankara print reflects that Enyo is a truly indeginous brand. We are Nigerian through and through. The diamond shaped patterns within the blue crests celebrates Nigeria's Diamond Jubilee. 60 years of hope, faith and hardwork.