What is ENYOthankU?
ENYOthankU is a reward scheme, that rewards customers for every 30 litres of petrol they buy in a single purchase. Buying 30 litres of petrol earns you 1 point, which is equivalent to the price of a litre. ENYO will credit your ENYOthankU account with the price of 1litre. Your points can only be redeemed when you’ve accumulated 5 points. Which means that you get 5litres of petrol for free.

Who is it for?
ENYOthankU is for all customers.


How does it work?
When you buy a minimum of 30 litres of petrol, the attendant will register on the ENYOthankU platform using your mobile number.

You will get an instant SMS, notify you of your point redemption pin. This will be used to redeem your points when you have accumulated up to 5 points.

Once registered and have paid for your petrol, you will receive another SMS on the number of points earned on that purchase.
You can track the number of points gained using the thankUcash app, which can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple store.


How do I register?
Our customer attendant will ask you for your mobile number at the point of payment. Your mobile number will serve as your user ID.

How do I redeem my points?
At the point of payment, kindly inform the attendant that you would like to use your points to make payment for the purchase. The attendant would ask you for your mobile number, and check that you’ve accumulated enough points to redeem. Once confirmed, your points can then be used towards your transactions.


Where can I redeem my ENYOthankU points?
ENYOthankU points can be redeemed at ENYO service stations at Lagos State (Olowo-Eko, Sangotedo, Ibeju-Lekki, Stillwaters, Lakowe, Poka, Ikota, Orchid, Skyteam, Ibafo 1 and Ibafo 2; Abuja (Dei Dei, Zaria Road and Olusegun Obasanjo).

How can I track the number of points I have earned?
Download the Thank U Cash app on google play store or apple store and use the mobile phone number registered with to track the number of points you have.

Can I use use my point somewhere else?
Yes, you can. Download the thankUcash app to find out about other partnering brands.


For more inquiry and  customer support, please call 234 809 042 6105; 234 809 042 3576