Enyo ThankU


What is ENYOthankU?

EnyoThankU (ETU) is Enyo Retail & Supply’s (ERS) point based customer loyalty and retention program designed to deepen the relationship between ERS and her customers. It’s a differentiation strategy aimed at improving intimacy of the customer with the ERS brand in a commoditized market place. Amongst other things, the scheme is expected to incentivize the upward migration of customers across buying segments.

ETU points are earned on purchase of all ERS products and services. These purchases must however meet the minimum threshold for the points to be earned as indicated in the latter part of this document.

ETU is the outcome of collaboration between ERS and Connected Analytics.


How does it work?

ETU points are earned on purchase of all Enyo products and services. Just give our Customer Advisor your phone number before paying for any products. Your phone number is your unique identifier. You will get a notification for every transaction.

You can track the number of points gained using the thankUcash app, which can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple store.

An SMS alert is automatically sent to you once you register and everytime you make a purchase

Is EnyoThankU available at all Enyo Stations?

Yes. ETU points can be earned and redeemed at all Enyo stations.


When/how do I redeem my points?

EnyoThankU members are eligible to redeem their points instantly (as they earn). Once you make a purchase that meets the the minimum threshold of 5 points, you can redeem immediately. ETU points are available for redemption at any Enyo station or participating merchant outlets.

What can I get with my points?

Your points can be redeemed with product or services in any Enyo station. These include PMS, AGO, Kerosene, Vehicon (car service and maintenance), Lubricants and SL-Gas. You can also use the points to collect gift items during Enyo promotions and marketing campaigns which you will be notified of.


What happens to the points I accumulated before now?

If you were an ETU member before September 7, 2019 and you’ve accumulated some points, you will be able to redeem the reward from October 1, 2019.

How can I track the number of points I have earned?

Download the Thank U Cash app on google play store or apple store and use the mobile phone number registered with to track the number of points you have.

Can I use use my point somewhere else?

Yes, you can. Download the thankUcash app to find out about other partnering brands.


Are there extra benefits for making all my purchases at Enyo?

As a first time customer, you automatically become a Silver member. Once you accumulate up to500 points, you assume Gold membership. If you accumulate up to 1,000 points, you move to Platinum membership – the highest status on EnyoThankU. Both Gold and Platinum have extra benefits as highlighted below;


What happens if/when I redeem my points? Does my membership status change?

No. When you redeem your point, you still retain your membership status so long as you accumulate the applicable points tally (see table above) within 12 months. If you do not meet the minimum tally required to keep you on the membership band, you will be downgraded to the band equivalent to your points tally.

How do I register?

Go to any ERS station and speak to any of Customer Advisors about registering and we’ll be glad to have you on board. Only your phone number is required to register.

What are my points worth?


Do my points expire?

Yes. All ETYU points expire 12 months after they are earned. Please make sure you redeem your points before they expire.

For more inquiry and customer support, please call
+234 809 042 6105; +234 809 042 3576