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Our Energy Is Your Meal

Our Superior Liquefied Gas (SL-Gas), boost the switch of families from kerosene and firewood to clean LPG. SL-Gas is safe to use and is available at all Enyo stations in three SKUs (6kg, 12.5kg and 50kg). SL-Gas can also be made available for numerous industrial use.

Cylinder Swap

We pick up other branded cylinders for refill and deliver to customers at no delivery cost within the timeline defined below. We do not exchange other branded cylinders for SL cylinders.

Home Delivery

Yes, we offer FREE SL-Gas delivery. Delivery timeline is 3 hours for orders received before 3pm; next day delivery by 11am for orders received after 3pm. 

Data Security

We apologize if it seems that we are requiring too much information from you, but we would like to reiterate that your data is safe with us and we have a strict data protection policy. We require the data so we can serve you better and more efficiently.

SL-GAS is Safe & Secure

Care should always be taken when using LPG. Use and handle in accordance with prescribed procedures. Enyo has established an unrivalled reputation for safety, from regular compliance checks of your cylinders to the comprehensive safety and maintenance schedule of our tankers.

Cylinder Storage

Gas bottles must be used and stored upright. All home and BBQ gas bottles are fitted with pressure relief valves, which are designed to safely release gas in the event that the gas bottle becomes hot and the pressure becomes too great.

The pressure relief valves are incorporated into the main valve, which is at the top of the bottle.

Inside the bottle, the LPG exists as liquid at the bottom and gas vapour at the top. Keeping the bottle upright ensures that the safety valve is not immersed in the liquid and is located in the vapour space, as it is not designed to vent liquid.


The price of LPG varies on a monthly basis based on a range of international and local market factors. However, be rest assured that at Enyo Retail & Supply we always source from the most competitive sources, so we will always serve you at an affordable price point.


Convenient payment options includes - online payment (via the app), Online transfer, and Payment on delivery.

SL gas is available at all ENYO retail outlets nationwide.

For further enquiries or request with regards to SL-Gas Kindly contact 09062535480, 09062515674 or 08100021081, or send an email to sales@enyoretail.com visit any Enyo service station near you.