ENYO Retail and Supply (ERS) was established in 2017 as a result of our unrelenting desire to expand our trademark professionalism in the downstream energy space thereby creating the most exciting fuel retail brand in the country.

As a customer-focused, technology driven fuels retailing company,
ENYO provides best-in-class retail experiences, leveraging
complimentary brands and optimized return to investors.

Our primary focus is to integrate first level customer service
experience with fuels retailing and renewable energy products in
Africa. We are pioneering the technology revolution in the
downstream to see what additional value can be created to support
the massive industry.

Supported by established relationships with offices in Lagos and up
to 15 other states, ENYO is well positioned to leverage domestic
and international expertise in the development of the key tenets of
the Nigerian fuels retailing industry. With dedicated core of highly
experienced professionals, ENYO has proven capabilities.

ENYO Retail and supply is one of the leading downstream retail
service station operators in Nigeria with about 1.5 market share of
the entire country fuel consumption. It has about 90million litres
terminal capacity, about 500 customer attendance service
personnel, over 80 retail outlets in over 16 States, about 60truck
fleets and over 25,000 customers across all service station daily.

As a customer-focused, technology driven fuels retailing company,
ERS also trade in service such as premium engine lubricant, LPG
and car related services such as, wheel balancing and alignment,
car servicing, spare part etc. with option of Refuel and relax across
all service station.

Enyo Retail and Supply wishes to create new service and product as well as design ideas for the sustainable design of service station that meet the present need without compromising future requirements of the facilities in an open and collaborative contest of ideas. The task is to completely rethink the service station concept in the context of a modern metropolitan neighborhood in a broad sense, into which new mobility concepts, service and product offers are integrated.

New trends should be employed, in order to make the ERS service stations appealing to customers, leveraging on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cost efficient, promotes unpaid media publicity to boosts brand reputation and position us as forward-thinking company leveraging expertise outside the organization.


To develop the service station of the future using the example of the existing ERS service stations within Lagos metropolis

Conceptualize your innovative idea with a name which emphasizes the pioneering nature of your idea by visualizing your concept with an attractive architectural and design concept using photo montages, plans, renderings, sketches etc. of both inside and out. We are looking for unusual new and exciting visualizations of idea.

Your idea should answer the following questions:

  • What are the innovative elements of your concept?
  • What makes the service station so unique in the chosen environment?
  • What does an innovative offer of products look like?
  • Which mobility concepts should be incorporated?
  • How to make the station an experience center of Refuel and relax even more palpable?
  • Concept of Safety, Access, Circulations and Parking

The Site is located at 6°33’37.1″ north latitude 3°23’45.0″ east longitude, at an elevation relatively flat AMSL in Ifako-Gbagada, Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. According to the 2006 census, Ifako-Gbagada has settlement of over 56,000 inhabitants, while the entire Kosofe municipality has over 400,000
inhabitants with projection of over One million in 2020. Kosofe municipality covers an area of about 81km², which makes it the largest territorial municipality in Lagos.

The vegetation of the area is the swamp forest which had made way for the construction of houses, markets and other infrastructure. However, the climatic condition of the area is influenced by the climatic seasons; dry season between November to March and wet season between April to October, the major water body in the Local Government is the Ogun River.

Orthophoto image of the Site with indicated borders of the plot

The challenge is to think not only in square meters, public spaces but also to express the relationship between internal environment, open spaces and the urban fabric.

A successful design must factor in these conditions, as well as consider new configurations of the required program. Future needs, social, functional and spatial necessities can also be taken into consideration to generate a distinct and more meaningful proposal.

The following are essential but not limited to the spatial requirements:

  • Station office
  • Account office (with Vault)
  • Conveniences
  • Non-Fuel Revenue (N.F.R)
  • Maximum allowable building footprint is 150sqm
  • Design must abide with the regulatory planning parameters of the project location
  • All design should adopt metric measurements and a uniform scale for all submissions
  • A maximum of one (1) suspended floor is allowed
  • There are no height restrictions, but the overall proposal must be harmonious with its surrounding.
  • Structurally, no engineering calculation is to be presented, but structural elements should be represented in order to provide some degree of realism and feasibility to the project.


  • A concise headline & summary of the project must be provided
  • Competition entry is restricted to submission per participant
  • Concept presentation is sacrosanct to submission
  • Visualizations in the form of pictures, plans, renderings, 2 to 3-minute video presentation produced in a simple manner etc.
  • A maximum of four (4nos.) A3 Design Sheets (soft copies only) and a 150-word (maximum) 1.5-spaced MS Word Document (soft copy only) write-up to explain the design concept.


  • The competition is open to all Enthusiasts/Designers in Lagos,


  • Visit the Enyo Retail & Supply website:

www.enyoretail.com/competition to fill the online registration form.

  • Submit online registration form and submit design entries on or
    before 26th of March 2020.
  • Entry codes of shortlisted successful entries will be posted on the
    www.enyoretail.com/competition on the 24th of March 2020.
  • All shortlisted successful finalists will be contacted and will
    receive invitations to attend the exhibition and finale which holds
    on the 27th of March 2020.
Launch date of competition and commencement of online application 27th of  February 2020
Deadline for submission of competition design entries 26th of  March 2020
Shortlisting of design entries by Judges to 10 finalists 31st of  March 2020
Announcement of shortlisted finalists 1st of  April 2020
Exhibition of shortlisted designs and Jury Visit 7th of  April 2020
Jury sessions and dates for Jury deliberations 7th of  April 2020
Award Announcement & Finale 7th of  April 2020


Apart from the personal evaluation criteria of each member of the jury, some other factors of qualification will be as follows:

  • Innovation and relevance of the proposal
  • Aesthetic quality of the overall project
  • Clarity and comprehensibility of the design.
  • Functionality, interpretation and application of the proposed program
  • Technical quality of the project and feasibility in its construction

The jury’s decision shall be final and irrevocable.

*Any contact with any members of the jury is discouraged. All authors of projects that are proven to have tried to influence the decision of any member of the jury will be rightfully disqualified.


A total fund of (₦2,000,000.00) in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit, distributed in the following way:

  • First Prize: (₦1,000,000.00)
  • Second Prize: (₦500,000.00)
  • Third Prize: (₦250,000.00)
  • Other Prize: (₦250,000.00)

The entrant, individual or team, agrees to abide by the rules of the competition as determined by the Organizer. The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right to reject a proposal if it does not

comply with the Submission Requirements.

This Competition is open to all students and professionals of areas related to Architecture in Nigeria. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. Work by individuals or teams are accepted, to a limit of four people per team.

The intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the entrant, any disputes that might arise are of their sole responsibility.

By submitting an entry, the individual or team associated with the work authorizes the competition organizer to use the work in future promotional activities, with due credits to the authorship.

This competition will be decided in an open, anonymous process in a single stage by a Jury, whose deliberation is final and irrevocable.

The Competition Organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition in the cases when fewer than 5 projects have been submitted or all submitted projects fail to comply with the announced terms and

conditions. Upon cancellation of the competition all participants shall be notified within 3 days from the decision to cancel.

The payment of the monetary prizes will be made up to 30 days after Public Announcement.

All people or businesses who have been involved in the organization of this competition are not eligible. This includes all representatives or employees of the Competition Organizer; jury members or any person

with a close relation to the jury members; any other individual that might influence directly the deliberation of the jury members.

The Competition is governed by the present program; all issues that are not clearly stated will be taken up to the Jury Committee that will be empowered to decide.

By promoting this Ideas Competition ENYO Retail & Supply Ltd does not claim, in any way, rights or ownership over the plot where the competition takes place. This is private property, under which we chose to place this investigation for the purpose of ideas discussion. The organizers do not intend to realize the winning entry.


Registered participants in the competition may address their questions to the Competition Organizer to: enyooic@enyoretail.com

All questions should be written in English and will be answered privately by email and/or publicly in the FAQ section of the website.

It is highly recommendable to regularly consult this section of the website. It may provide additional information, updated information or clarification to the present Competition Brief.